What is BoysFeetClub all about?
BoysFeetClub.com was started in 2003 by Elijah, a foot lover, as part of the MRC family of gay adult websites and video studios. MRC is a small media company committed to bringing it's members and customers the best in original, exclusive gay content. Boysfeetclub is all about hot guys 18-25 and their feet... you might see them playing with their feet, sucking their own toes or those of another hot guy, or some hot foot worship action, maybe just a short video with the guy telling you about his feet, up close and personal. And Boysfeetclub is about the only site where you'll see three, four, five or more hot guys in naked foot fetish or tickling action!. All of the content is shot exclusively for you, the boysfeetclub member directly by MRC's own small staff.

Our site is designed so that you can sort through all of the content to find what you like... you'll be able to search for the content that interests you using keyword searches and sorts, and when you return to the site, our software will be able to tell you which sets have been added since you last visited, so you can go straight to the newest content if you like.

Who's behind-the-scenes running BoysFeetClub?
Boysfeetclub was originally founded by Elijah (the same Elijah that's one of our most popular models) in mid-2003. He did all of the graphic design, much of the photography, and just about everything else that launched the site. Chip joined soon after, and AJ (whom some of you may have seen introducing some of our videos) became President of MRC in the fall of 2004. The MRC team continues to run what's grown to become a rather busy collection of adult properties as well as a number of non-adult properties. We're helped by several fantastic staffers that do some of our email correspondence, help out with programming and web design and graphics, video editing and DVD authoring, and just about everything else we do. We're proud of the company we've built, and the reputation we have among our peers for quality and integrity in our work. You can read more about the philosophy that guides us here.

Where do you find your boys, and how do you convince them to do what they do?
We have a network of very talented model scouts who are constantly looking for beautiful boys anywhere they hang out - the skate park, the mall, dance clubs... some of our guys are even still in high school! (Though over 18, of course.) The majority of our boys hadn't even considered modeling work before we contacted them, so sometimes they're a little shy at the start. See the boys we've found here.

I think I've seen some of your boys on TV, in magazines and in books... I even met one last night while I was out! Why am I seeing some of your boys in these mainstream publications?
Well... although almost all of our guys are new to modeling work of any kind when they start with us, a number of them have gone on to mainstream modeling opportunities after working with us. Among our members and site visitors are a number of mainstream modeling and acting agents, who browse the site and scout our boys. We have helped a number of our guys to get mainstream modeling opportunities, and some have been pretty successful. As for running into one of our boys -- that's very possible. Our models are scouted from all over the US, and most have typical jobs (retail, bagboy, lifeguard, lawn mowing) in their hometowns.

Do your models escort?
No. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of models on adult or fetish sites are not escorts. And Boysfeetclub especially attracts a lot of guys who are totally straight, have no interest in doing "porn" per se, and have regular jobs or school responsibilities. Many of our models have chosen to work solely with us in large part because we treat them as professionals and don't expect them to do anything inappropriate or unprofessional.

Wow, this site sounds amazing! How much does a membership cost?
We have many different options available to fit your lifestyle and needs. Our memberships start at as little as $15 a month, and automatically re-bill (if you choose) every month. Simply click here to get to our pricing chart on our sign-up page.

I'm already a member, and would like to upgrade or cancel. How do I do this?
If you would like to upgrade, simply wait until your current membership expires, then purchase your upgraded membership here. If you are a current member and wish to cancel your membership and stop re-bills, simply follow this link: https://support.ccbill.com. Make sure you have either your e-mail address, subscription number, or credit card number handy!

Still have a question, comment or suggestion?
We would love to hear from you! and yes, we do actually answer every single e-mail personally.