MRC is a small company that has built its success and growth on the ten core principles listed below. Perhaps reading about the core principles that guide our business will help you understand why we might be a little bit different from the common perception of those in the adult industry.

1. Respect for our members and customers. We treat our members and customers with honesty, respect and courtesy, and try in every way to ensure they have a great member/customer experience with us. This means that we represent our site honestly and non-deceptively in all of our advertising, tours, banners, and other communications, we don't try to deceive or trick members into buying something they don't want, and we encourage all of our affiliate marketers to follow the same guidelines.

2. Respect for our models. We treat our models with honesty, respect, professionalism, and integrity. We encourage them to take enough time to make the decision to work with us, so they're comfortable with their choice. All activity is arranged and discussed in advance of filming and every effort is made to ensure that their performance is a pleasant, safe, healthy and fun experience. We don't deceive, cajole, or otherwise ask them to do things that are unsafe, degrading, or disrespectful. Our corporate policies forbid our owners, employees, production staff, and scouts from "hitting on" or otherwise trying to engage our models in sexual activity, even if the request is initiated by the model.

3. Respect for children and those who are offended by adult content. We take every reasonable precaution to ensure that our content is viewable only by consenting adults. In addition to voluntary site rating and registration with major content filtering software, we encode each of our still images with an invisible marking that prevents it from being displayed in content-filtered browsers, so that children and those who don't wish to view our content won't see it.

4. Drug free environment. We maintain a drug-free workplace, in our offices and production locations and at all events and public appearances. While we do not judge the decisions that others make, we will, when asked, offer assistance in finding resources to help our models who may be in need.

5. Promote healthy attitudes about sex. Our videos and still sets are shot and edited to portray a healthy sexual experience for our models and for our members. We don't present anything that is degrading or harmful to our models, nor do we present anything that would encourage unhealthy or risky behavior by our members or models. That's one of the reasons we don't shoot, portray, or display barebacking or other risky activities on any of our sites or videos.

6. Respect for our Partners. We work to create win-win strategies with our business partners and even our competitors. We recognize the help and knowledge we've received from others in our industry, and do our best to share our knowledge with others.

7. Compliance with the Law. All our models are at least 18 years old, and we maintain full compliance with applicable Federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including applicable recordkeeping, ID, and age verification requirements.

8. Fight child pornography. We condemn child pornography, recognizing that the use of children in production of adult content is not only illegal, but will cause severe and longlasting harm to them, and encourages or reinforces mental illness in the adults viewing such content. We work with the Associated Sites Advocating Child Protection and with any law enforcement authorities to report any information we may become aware of.

9. Promote and practice safer sex. We advocate and promote safer sex and education about the risks of unhealthy behaviors among our models and members. Even though we use condoms and safer sex procedures in the production of all of our content, all performers are tested for sexually transmitted diseases prior to their performance without cost to the model, to further ensure that we provide the safest environment possible for all of our models.

10. Professionalism and Integrity. At all times, we strive to act with the highest level of professionalism and integrity, and do our best to treat others the way we'd like to be treated.